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Why Retailtrust?

Do you want more customers in your store and webshop who directly buy your products? Retailtrust helps you. Our mission is to take your company to a higher level. Let’s begin with the basics: Retailtrust Shop-IT. A comprehensive Smart Retail Management System that allows you to fully control your store and webshop. Don’t you want to be the best retailer in your sector?

Guaranteed growth and returnable investment within 2 years.

smart plan


Accurate define the grow strategy

The right position in a functional and organizational way

More sales focus

Raise customer bonding by Omnichannel strategy

smart tools


Ultramodern Front Office and most comprehensive Back Office in the Cloud

Complete integration of MailChimp

Transferring data in accounting systems

Suitable for shop and chain stores

Custom made webshop or existing webshop integrates with the Back Office

Secured and safe back up and virus detection in the Cloud


Stabiliy Scan: is your business going the right direction?

Change management in changeable times

Location strategy: the best location for your store

Training & Education for you and your co-workers

Support & Consultancy with marketing activities

24/7 Service & Monitoring

smart growth


Within 1 year your investment guaranteed recovered

Within 2 years guaranteed increasing of your sales