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About us

Why Retailtrust?

Do you have a store? Also a website with an online shop? You have a lot of work to do. Probably you can’t do it all by yourself. You have to take care of the customers, purchase, sales, stock and advertising. Maybe you also have co-workers who you have to instruct.


We are only talking about your physical store. Nowadays customers want to shop anywhere at any time: offline and online. A proper webshop is a must. The online shop is your digital entrance to your retail and has to be attractive. Not only in your physical store, but your webshop also has to deal with stock, customer satisfaction and appearance.


Are you getting dizzy? That’s not necessary. Retailtrust will help you. Our products and services make sure that you have everything in one overview within one system: Retailtrust Shop-IT.

More efficiency with less work, together we go for this. We want to relieve your retail, so you can spend time to what’s important: getting new customers and maintain regular customers to make your sales and company grow.

Who are we?

Within Retailtrust over 30 retail experts are involved. They are constantly developing their expertise on hardware, software, webshops, logistics and distribution, helpdesk for our customers, cloud, sales and consultancy. Together it is one team serving you and your company. Our team is committed to providing personalized, friendly and professional service. We ensure that your retail is successful and stable for now and in the future. YOUR succes, that’s our mission.

What do retailers say about Retailtrust?

Vinus Vita wijnen Amsterdam

Finally, time for my family thanks to Retailtrust and their flexible team. I had a couple of requests for the system, but they were just implemented in the next version. Wow!

Pascal Lammerts

Nijenhuis Schoenen & Sport Vaasen

My business is growing! Thanks to Retailtrust Shop-IT. The loyalty system ensures regular contact with my customers so they can visit my store again. So my turnover grows well

Harold Nijenhuis

Body-Style lingerie Alkmaar

After the transition from my previous system I started working immediately. Great how Retailtrust Shop-IT works. And also the team is a lot of fun, especially when I see the team again at the quarterly seminars.

Sascha Groenland

Experience makes expert

Retailtrust has years of experience in the retail and IT sector. We have our own specialists in retail and IT working in our company. With these experts we collectively support retailers in the sectors of lingerie, sports, mode and fashion.


We automate and relieve these sectors since 1996 and every time adapts to changes in the market. Since 2008 Retailtrust introduced 4OnePost: the first Retail Management System that was completely suitable for Omnichannel.

In 2017 Retailtrust introduced Shop-IT: an entire Cloud solution with a complete proposition of retail consultancy.

Retailtrust anticipate continuously on market changes. In the specialization retail and IT as well, we follow the latest developments, implement and share these knowledge to you and your retail. Your business will always be up to date.

Your cup of coffee is ready

Are you interested how we can help you, so your sales and business will grow? Look at our product page or contact us by the contact page. Let’s get to know each other and have some coffee together!