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Change management

Nothing is permanent but change. Every organization will learn this simple fact of life sooner or later, and hopefully realize when it’s time to get a fresh perspective on things, perhaps by implementing a new management style, logistic process, or growth strategy. This will in turn benefit the organization and make it all the more efficient, productive, and successful. Retailtrust aims to work together with you and find out what opportunities are available to your business. How do you know which part of your organization needs to change? Where do you apply change management? What will be the actual results of these changes? Retailtrust sets up a plan together with your business and offers support for you and your staff by means of coaching in different areas. We examine your Business Strategy and provide staff training programs. We provide personalized coaching programs and treat all of your questions in a professional manner. This way, you can put your organization back on track towards growth, better efficiency, improved business processes, and more productive staff.

Retail Consultancy

Our product Retailtrust Shop-IT is more than just a POS system – it combines stock management, purchasing policies, marketing, and a web shop all in one single product. This way, you can keep track of everything in one centralized system. Retailtrust Shop-IT is an all-in-one package for your business. More often than not, we notice shops don’t use Shop-IT to its full potential. This is unfortunate, because Shop-IT can really make your retail life easier and allow you to achieve some amazing results. Would you like to know more about everything Shop-IT has to offer and learn how to get the most out of the system? We provide personalized trainings, even for your staff. Our trainings go beyond the Shop-IT system itself and even delve deeper into your own retail process. Would you like a word of advice on your purchasing policies, sales techniques, marketing, or stock management? Our retail specialists are more than willing to help you out.

Strategy Guidance

What’s your current retail situation like? Where do you want to take it? How are you going to handle this and what results do you expect? These questions are all determining factors for your strategy. Your strategy determines if your business will succeed and, more importantly, if it can keep succeeding. Retailtrust can offer support regarding your organization strategy, staff policies, and talent development. A good strategy enables you to respond more quickly to opportunities and threats on the market. Just think of all the up-and-coming technologies that are changing the way your customers go about their shopping. Set out a solid strategy in advance so you can always be two steps ahead of your competitors and be the strongest possible player in your sector. Use your strategy to plan ahead for the long haul. Do you need coaching and guidance to help you set out a solid strategy? Retailtrust’s very own retail specialists are ready to advise and support you with their extensive expertise. We’ll work together to set out the best strategy for your business, so you can achieve maximum growth and go with the flow of today’s – and tomorrow’s – changes and developments within your sector.

Retail Stability Scan

It’s an all too familiar scene in shopping streets all over the world. You know the score, and so do your colleagues in other shops: most of the time your shop is, unfortunately, pretty much empty. And when a customer does happen to walk in, your staff asks the same old four words we’re all tired of hearing: “Can I help you?” Your potential customer is annoyed, looks away and answers: “Not right now, I’m just browsing.” Your staff’s clichéd question has a major influence on your potential customer’s mindset – and not in a good way. Not even ten seconds into it, and your shop’s already down 1-0. Retailtrust can teach you how to draw new customers to your shop, how to deal with them, and how to give them the best experience possible, instead of simply thinking in terms of sales. Our Retail Stability Scan will confront you with the way today’s consumers think and behave. These are consumers looking for an experience, above all else. They look for products, find them, and buy them in their own unique ways: like explorers on a retail journey – both offline and online. Today’s consumers come from Generation Y (Millenials: 1980 – 1985) and Generation X (1961 – 1980). They decide how today’s shops and web shops should work. A quick glance to the future tells us Generation Z (1995 – present times) will soon be entering the consumer market as well. We’ll sit down with you, have a talk, ask you a couple of questions, and help you confront the reality of the situation. We’ll compare your business to other retailers and help you face the challenges posed by today’s retail world and prepare you for Retail2020.

Efficient Purchasing

Working in a shop means you’re constantly having to worry about your purchasing, stock, and sales policies. What have you sold so far? Which products are selling well? How much stock do you have left? Which products should you purchase and when do you actually need them? You draw up a rough sketch of your estimates to set out your policies. But there’s an easier, clearer, and far more efficient way to do this, and Retailtrust has the solution: Retailtrust Shop-IT – a smart retail system featuring POS, stock management, customer data, and marketing functions. One system. No clutter. It presents a direct overview of which products are selling well, how much stock you have left, as well as which products need to be purchased when and where. We offer a training program to help you get started with the system and even become a true expert in no time. We also offer support regarding your purchasing policies. A fresh perspective from an outside source is a good way to shed light on things that could otherwise have remained in the dark, either because you hadn’t thought of them yourself or just due to a lack of time. Retailtrust offers support, providing you with new insights and better ways to shape your purchasing policies now and in the long run.

Catered to your needs

Everything’s changing: the world, technology, even humans – and Retailtrust is more than aware of this. Evolution is a relentless, ever-constant process. With all these new and rapidly emerging technologies, it’s important to take initiative so you can always implement the proper techniques in a timely fashion. Retailtrust keeps a close eye on the latest technological trends, like beacons, RFID, camera integration, cashless solutions, and many more. Got any specific requests? We can work with that. Retailtrust maps your processes and then programs and implements your requests as tools in our product Retailtrust Shop-IT. Our application is custom-made according to your exact requests, and our rates are both fair and competitive. You can follow up on any part of the development process, so you can always find out what’s going on behind the scenes – you’re part of the project after all. If you have any other requests during the development process, you can count on us to take care of them quickly and efficiently. Every part can be perfectly catered to your needs.