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You have a lingerie store. So you know like no other there are countless different lingerie products. Each person is different and has other needs such as colour, size, toggle or fit. It’s not uncommon that people need a different size of top than base.

The variety of these products and customer needs forces you to have a good inventory management. You must know exactly what size, what colour and which fit a product has you want to order. All those specifications you need to send to your supplier. A lot of work, right?

Retailtrust can help you. At first we have a Smart Retail System for you. This system connects everything, like your physical store, webshop and your communication to the outside. You gave all data and work within one system.

In addition you can use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). You are directly in contact with your supplier by your computer. A supplier gets your order fast, correct and without any manual entry in his administration. You and your supplier work as a team in administration and distribution.