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Do your customers have the freedom to shop anywhere, anytime they want? In your store and at your webshop as well? Customers like that. Retailtrust Shop-IT supports all kind of multichannel possibilities. Even you can check anywhere at any time the purchase behavior of your customers. With that information you can recommend specific products to your customers.


How to put your retail on the market? How to get more customers? We help you with your marketing activities, like the integration of Facebook, Twitter, SMS and MailChimp. It’s even possible to send a SMS at the birthday of a customer. How great is that? We offer you the support, advice and make a plan to put your retail on the market in the right direction.


Customers find it annoying as a product isn’t in stock. Prevent this disappointment and make sure you always have your products in stock. Retailtrust Shop-IT gives you the overview of your stock. Now you know exactly what needs to be purchased for your shop or chain store. You can order in a proactive way, because you see precisely which product needs to be stocked on what time at which location.


Offer more and better service to your customers. Retailtrust Shop-IT assembles your customer data on the basis of purchase behavior. Now you can send targeted communication and campaigns to your customers. Over time you will see that you have a better connection with your customers. You also can scan the sales results of each co-worker and train them in a targeted way.


If you have our app on your tablet or smartphone, you directly have the overview on the results of your store(s). Observe your sales per day, week, month or year. We deliver the connector(s), so you can communicate with the system data. You can even provide your customers with product information, stock and suggestions while you’re talking to them.


How well do you know your customers? Put your customers in the middle and let them know. Retailtrust Shop-IT makes sure you have the specific customer data always with you. Now you can give your customers personal advice and that makes the customer bond to your store. You give the customer an unique experience, because he noticed that you are actively interested in the preferences and wishes. If you fancy your customer, the customer will think highly of you.


Of course you want to know the results (KPI’s) of your business. How much did you sell? How many new customers do you have? What do customers put on average in their shopping cart and how many products have returned? Our product Shop-IT gives you all this information within one program. You can easily export those data to Excel, Word, PDF, XML or CSV.


Imagine, your computer will crash. What now? No problem, because all data is secured and safe on the Cloud. The only thing you have to do is getting another computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Connect this to Shop-IT and you can proceed your business. The Cloud is a safe back up whereby no data will get lost. You can connect different computers to the Cloud; Windows PC, laptop, MacBook, iPad and even your smartphone. You directly have access to the Cloud from Retailtrust Shop-IT.

Shop-IT: Smart Retail Management System

We deploy Retailtrust Shop-IT in retail shops and chain stores. Retailtrust made this software program and we manage this completely within our company. We have our own retail and IT specialists who provide 24/7 service and monitoring.



In our current society everyone is continuously connected with the internet. People reading the news, scrolling through Facebook and answering emails. People also increasingly shop online: lounging on the sofa and order stuff with their tablet or smartphone.

An online shop is a must in retail. Besides our powerful computer program, Retailtrust also makes webshops. We connect this webshop directly to our product Shop-IT. Now you have one total package at one company. How simple can it be?

What can Retailtrust offer with Shop-IT?

All functionality you need for your business, like a CRM system, inventory management and marketing activities.

Fast implementation and delivery of the complete system.

Support by specialist in retail and IT.

Choose your own hardware: our Front Office works on tablets and smartphones

Custom made services according to your wishes

User friendly computer system

Market-based investment

Secured and safe Cloud